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Große Auswahl an World Of Warcaaft. World Of Warcaaft zum kleinen Preis hier bestellen How it works: Spotting System Ein Schiff oder ein Flugzeug wird entdeckt, wenn ein gegnerisches Schiff oder Flugzeug nah genug an dieses herankommt und, wenn nötig für die Art der Entdeckung, eine Sichtlinie (engl. Line of Sight/LoS) besteht How It Works: Spotting and Detectability System 2.0 | World of Warships. Main page News Game Guides. How It Works: Spotting and Detectability System 2.0. 03/23/2020 45286. There have been many changes in the game since the moment we released the series of How It Works episodes in which we talked about the spotting and detectability system Spotting and Damage on Spotting Spotting - detecting a ship that is then damaged by your allies (that could not otherwise see the target) gives the following: BB receives approximately 10% of the reward for full HP damage to the spotted ship. CV receives approximately 20% of the reward for full HP damage to the spotted ship First of all there is nothing broken in the spotting mechanic, it's working as intended™. The question is what's intended? Well the truth is that the spotting mechanic in WoWs is pretty easy and straightforward. Unlike WoT there are no spotting points, bushes and so on. In WoWs there are 3 circles around the ship. The smallest is our detection range from air, the middle one is for our detection range from surface and the biggest one is our acquisition range

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As others have said, it's not about spotting first (i.e., ribbons) but being the closest spotter most of the time. Hence, you have to drop fighters near the reds (but not too close, so the planes stay alive for as long as possible) while the surface battle is still raging at mid-long distances, but even then it relies entirely on the team-mates' aim and will to shoot (you don't get spotting damage from DoT -floodings and fires-) Spotting damage is split between all people spotting the target. You won't get a lot in coop because everyone pushes in. In Randoms the deadbeats in the back give you spotting damage, so you can get about 100K + a gam World of Warships / Spotting Aircraft Data. Spotting Aircraft Data. Jump to: navigation, search. The Spotting Aircraft consumable is available on many battleships on Tiers IV-X and on some cruisers on Tiers V-X, for example on these ships: USN battleships tier IV+ except Missouri. IJN (Japanese) battleships tiers IV+ except Ishizuchi and Ashitaka. KM (German) battleships tier V+ except P. E. Everything you need to know about the spotting system of a ship, presented in an updated and extended episode Understanding Spotting & Vision Mechanics | World of Warships Legends Console - YouTube

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Well the truth is that the spotting mechanic in WoWs is pretty easy and straightforward. Unlike WoT there are no spotting points, bushes and so on. In WoWs there are 3 circles around the ship. The smallest is our detection range from air, the middle one is for our detection range from surface and the biggest one is our acquisition range Players. Recruiting Station. Forum. Main page News General News. How It Works: The Spotting System. 09/01/2018 14520. The previous episode of the How it Works series was dedicated to the Repair Party. In Episode 7, we will talk about one of the most important mechanics in our game—the spotting system In World of Warships ist die Sichtbarkeit von Schiffen sehr wichtig, denn nur was ihr seht, könnt ihr auch angreifen. Doch hinter der Sichtbarkeit. World of Warships. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews World of Warships > General Discussions > Topic Details. Carl. Jan 5, 2020 @ 3:05am Fighter plane or Spotting plane on ships ?? Hey good people i need help please I have three fighter planes on my ship T8 atago and has a couple of times think of changing them to spotting planes Question which is better. This product is not licensed, endorsed, and/or affiliated with any branch of Federal, State, and/or sovereign government, or any military branch or service thereof, throughout the world. All trademarks and trademark rights pertaining to warships are proprietary to the respective rights holders

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  1. g at angled targets and when in the spotter plane view. Possibly the most useful, however, is the dynamic gunsight. This looks similar to the basic sights, but.
  2. So, here's how spotting and con... Welcome to the most useful WoWsL video serie! In order to deal damage to your enemy, you need to see them in the first place
  3. Characteristics of all models are realistically reproduced on the basis of technical elements of warships and aircraft from the first half of the 20th century. All trademarks and trademark rights pertaining to warships and aircraft are proprietary to the respective rights holders
  4. The mechanics of spotting ****You now need to be level 11****World of Warships concealment tutorial. How to view your concealment range to avoid being spotted

This CV is insane on so many different levels. You have planes that just don't die in same conditions where all other CVs actually manage to lose their plane.. Spotter can be useful for shooting ships in smoke, but you need to get used to the top down view first. On most BBs you don't really need the extra range. Catapult fighter provides a bit of extra AA and disrupts the drop pattern on one squad. Keep in mind the following things however I get a large amount of spotting damage, more than I have ever seen on a surface unit, let alone the Oland Does spotting damage XP work the same way as normal damage XP. For instance, if I... jump to content. my subreddits. edit subscriptions. popular-all-random-users | AskReddit-news-funny-worldnews-pics-gaming-aww-mildlyinteresting-todayilearned-gifs-movies-videos-tifu-Showerthoughts-science-Jokes -Futurology-explainlikeimfive-TwoXChromosomes-LifeProTips-OldSchoolCool-personalfinance-creepy-IAmA.

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World of Warships Development blog BETA. Back. 23.07.2020 11:00 Development Blog; PT 0.9.7, balance changes. Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary and subject to change during testing. Any showcased features may or may not end up on the main server. The final information will be published on our game's website. VII Colorado, VII Nagato. Fighter consumable can. World of Warships / Battleships. Battleships. Jump to: navigation, search. Battleships have traditionally been the flagships of a given nation's navy, originating from the Age of Sail's ships-of-the-line, to World War I's dreadnoughts, to modern day battleships sporting longer ranges, higher speeds, and advanced equipment. Incredibly expensive, with massive firepower and protection (and.

Note that as soon as they leave the smoke screen, you will likely those that spotting damage. You are in a DD and actively scouting the enemy. If you weren't there, your allies would be too far away to give vision, thus granting you spotting damage. Your spotter/catapult/carrier-based aircraft are spotting enemies for your team. This often happens when one carrier scouts the other carrier, and the scouted carrier gets lit up by his team World of Warships - How it Works: Spotting System - Part 1 Home News Video WarGaming news World of Warships In the new episode we will start explaining one of the most important game mechanic IMO the spotting ribbon does not give you XP. Its more informational that you have spotted someone for the 1st time or someone who has been unspotted for more than 90 secs. Now if you are the only one spotting that particular enemy and other friendlies are able to deal damage to him, then you get XP for spotting damage

Aircraft spotting. Discussion. This is probably not a new suggestion but I haven't seen it communicated anywhere else so I thought in light of the recent patch I'd get your feedback. Combat aircraft (fighters/bombers) can only spot for themselves, not for friendlies, in much the same way that radar will only spot for the radiating ship, initially. Minimap position will be shown only. The. World of Warships. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews. World of Warships: Flugzeugträger Guide - Stärken, Schwächen und 5 wichtige Aufgaben im Kampf 1. Spotting. Spotting bezeichnet das Aufspüren und Markieren gegnerischer Truppenbewegungen für das eigene Team. 2. Zerstörer aufspüren und jagen. Die ganz besondere Waffenauswahl der Flugzeugträger.

Spotting Aircraft changed to Patrol Fighters. IX Marco Polo: View range increased from 26.51 to 29.61 km. Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game's website Fliegt ihr mit Höchstgeschwindigkeit, wird der Wenderadius auf den größten Radius ausgedehnt. Um schneller wenden zu können, müsst ihr die Geschwindigkeit einer Staffel so weit wie möglich verringern. Der Boost wird in einer Skala links von euren Flugzeugen angezeigt. Er lädt sich auf, wenn er nicht verwendet wird

Added consumable «Spotting aircraft»: Action time of consumable 60 s. Reload time 240 s. Number of consumables 4; Main battery firing range bonus is 30%. VII Hyūga. Reload time of «Main Battery Reload Booster» consumable increased from 30 to 60 s. British destroyer Druid, Tier X: Main battery reload time increased from 1.7 to 1.8 s Since when mid tier battleships got spotting aircrafts? Like Texas, New York, Konig. What else did I miss

World of Warships. World of Warships — Naval action MMO, Das mit Spannung erwartete World of Warships ist das neueste in einer Reihe von historischen Free-to-Play-Gefechtsspielen im Portfolio von Wargaming. Befehligt die berüchtigtsten Kriegsschiffe und baut euch eure eigene schlagkräftige Kriegsflotte auf. Verbessert wichtige technische Module und beherrscht die Ozeane World of Warships: Sichtbarkeit - So funktioniert Spotting. Jürgen Stöffel 31.07.2015, 18:17 1. In World of Warships ist die Sichtbarkeit von Schiffen sehr wichtig, denn nur was ihr seht. Battling random players from around the world can be tough if you have just started playing World of Warships Blitz. You should practice maneuvering, spotting targets, getting accurate hits and using torpedoes to attack enemy ships. The best place to do this is the Co-op Battles game mode. This is where you team-up with other players to battle AI ships. Co-op mode is fairly easy to play.

Warships - Warships currently has weather effects, and not just for aesthetic purposes. Besides looking nice, at mid to high tiers, the introduction of Cyclone at random intervals during matches reduces the spotting range of ships. It can happen early on in a match, or late in a match. You are given a warning when the Cyclone is to set. One match on a certain map can feature a cyclone, and. Comment by World of Warships staff, Radar_X: As others have mentioned you are definitely taking advantage of spotting that other ships are doing for you. DDs, aircraft, and other indu.. How it Works: Spotting System. Part 1 | World of Warships. September 3, 2018 WoWs Videos 06:09. 86,166 views (1,409 votes, average: 4.88 out of 5) Loading... In the new episode we will start explaining one of the most important game mechanic, Spotting System! Want more info? Check out the World of Warships website! https://wo.ws/website. Bookmark. World of Warships - Throw the throw? World. World of Warships - Specializing, Advanced Basic Techniques. Written by Strefs / Nov 14, 2017 Advanced Techniques So you've watched the basic guide video, or perhaps you don't think you need to watch it, since you know the basics already. Good, here are some further pointers to specific classes. Techniques All Ships Benefit from Angling Angling your amour is a good way of bouncing enemy shells. These actions maybe beneficial for those select individuals, but to everyone else, it's a blight. We are approaching our 3rd year in World of Warships, and this issue is still plaguing all servers until now. This we will not nor ever tolerate. Something is in the works which we will be implementing in the near future to counter this threat. In the meantime, please direct all your AFK/BoT concerns thru our customer support portal at https://asia.wargaming.net/support/en/products.

Perhaps many dont know the dynamics of spotting, but still... help keep them or any in your team stay alive.. and what they see, you can see. Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites . 683 [GS] Onlinegamer. Video Contributor, Beta Tester, Clantest Coordinator. 2,855 posts. 14,374 battles [GS] Onlinegamer 683 Vice Admiral; Video Contributor; Beta Tester; Clantest Coordinator; 683. Im Gegensatz zur Artillerie bietet World of Warships für Torpedos eine Zielhilfe - ein grauer Streifen, der angezeigt wird, sobald Ihr ein Ziel aufschaltet. Der ist auch bitter nötig, denn Torpedos.. Halfway there, but only get around 3 every battle. Sep 11, 2019 @ 4:35pm Just wait until you get to higher tiers; most people say the opposite. I didn't had range and was 2 CV match. We lose, I finished last on exp (and get called out afterwards by our 45% winrate idiots). 55. ( 1vs1 ranked against CV, average kills with fighters 5-8 enemy planes, 50-60 with AA.) Spotting - detecting a ship.

Comment by World of Warships staff, Hapa_Fodder: More than likely what is occurring and I have seen this, is a sub is at periscope depth, you are within spotting range of him, he is not of.. Posts about World of Warships written by Nya-chan Production. Menu. Home; About; Ammorack - reliable information source. Category Archives: World of Warships. August 30, 2016 by Nya-chan Production 1 Comment. WoWs lets you listen to your own music. The players will be able to place their own music in mp3 format into a folder and listen to it in-game. It's simply shuffled, but gets played.

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Every World of Warships: Legends captains have asked themselves questions about the working principles of our game mechanics, and these questions have been left unanswered... until now! Welcome to the most useful # WoWsLegends video series, How It Works, dedicated to shedding the light on the core game mechanics of World of Warships: Legends. Today's topic: In order to deal damage to your enemy, you need to see them in the first place! So, here's how spotting and concealment works! Let's go World of Warships Development blog BETA. Back. 03.07.2020 22:30 Development Blog; ST 0.9.7, American battleships . Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary and subject to change during testing. Any showcased features may or may not end up on the main server. The final information will be published on our game's website. Researchable American battleships Kansas.

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They are not planning to add them in the foreseeable future, mostly due to the spotting issue. However, as you may know, there are still some internal testings being done to limit the spotting provided by carriers. If these end up being successful and reach live servers, then things might change for the King of the Sea as well. Of course, even with that in mind, they aren't going to shove. In World of Warships Soviet cruisers are represented by a light cruiser tech tree line and several premium cruisers, Tier VII Lazo is adjusted for long-range artillery fire by using a Spotting Aircraft consumable and is not-so-good in close quarters. Tier VIII Mikhail Kutuzov is obviously overpowered, thanks to her Smoke Screen consumable, great Rudder Shift Time and long-range torpedoes. World of Warships - 350k+ spotting damage. October 7, 2020 admin Leave a comment. This CV is insane on so many different levels. You have planes that just dont die in same conditions where all other CVs actually manage to lose their planes. You either eat ALL THE FLAK or you dont lose planes. Drops are MASSIVE and youre constantly sc . Uncategorized Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email.

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In World of Warships ist die Myoko der erste reguläre schwere Kreuzer der japanischen Kriegsmarine. Damit ihr mit dem überdimensionalen Kreuzer. And tier VII Fiji is even better; this is arguably the best tier VII Cruiser in World of Warships. As for higher-tier ships, the use of Smoke Generator becomes increasingly problematic, because more and more enemies get Surveillance Radars, spotting and killing British Cruisers in smoke. Though tier VIII Edinburgh, IX Neptune, and X Minotaur can be played with the Surveillance Radar consumable. World of Warships ST - Netherlands cruisers and Alaska class USS Congress. Home. With the 0.10.4 there is a branch of Dutch cruisers, Dutch Tier VIII cruiser De Zeven Provinciёn, and American Tier VIII cruiser Congress to the test. New playable nation and tech tree - the Netherlands. The following researchable Dutch cruisers will be added to the game in the upcoming closed testing session. Legends! We're dropping another update on Monday, April 26. It fixe... s some of the PlayStation crashes, the bug with returning planes spotting ships, and offers a few balance changes, primarily for American aircraft carriers. To apply the patch we're going to have a maintenance of up to three hours (2-5 AM CST/7-10 AM UTC) and the size is under 400 megabytes

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If you want to enhance your gimmick, you can use the Spotting Aircraft Modification 1 available in the Armory for 17 000 coal. With this upgrade, the duration of each consumable goes up to 78 seconds for a total of 7 minutes and 48 seconds of active spotter plane during the game World of Warships. Bringing in all the powers of a Norse god, the new Valhalla Rising campaign features the Tier VII Premium German battleship Odin. This ship is a powerful surface raider-style battleship, armed with punchy 12-inch (305 mm) guns and equipped with torpedoes in a similar manner to the Tier VI battleship Scharnhorst. This campaign has 100 levels and 5 weeks of missions, plenty to battle through but perfect for this thunderous warship World of Warships Development blog BETA. Back. 24.04.2020 09:00 Development Blog; PT, balance changes . Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary and subject to change during testing. Showcased features may or may not end up on the main server. Any final information will be published on our game's website. In the second stage of the Public test for Update 0.9.4.

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World of Warships videos - replays, tips and update information . Skip to content . Aircraft Carriers; Battleships; Cruisers; Destroyers; Reviews; Search for: Search. LAZO - the ultimate Spotting Aircraft Cruiser || World of Warships. November 29, 2018 Uncategorized, WoWs Videos 19:34. 6,327 views (167 votes, average: 4.82 out of 5) Loading...? Play World of Warships: https://wgaffiliate. Awesome warships with great firepower and ridiculous ballistics, though the latter is true for any low-level Cruiser in World of Warships. USA Heavy Cruisers (tier VI-X) The progression towards Des Moines is smooth and the only warship that drops out is tier IX Buffalo because it's obviously oversized and has a different turret layout, so you'd better adjust your style to get the most out. World of Warships is a game where you play as your favorite warships from history and work with your team to defeat the enemy in different scenarios. Or show off how much money you have (then watch your precious Atago explode and sink into.. Wow World Of Warships. By aclecroti1974 Follow | Public. However, their practical purpose was often questioned; their deployments were few and far between due to their costs and the low (depending on opinion) risk-return; they were vulnerable to smaller, cheaper vessels and weapons; limited by range and accuracy, naval artillery were being increasingly supplanted by aircraft in the long-range.

Experience epic naval action in World of Warships: Legends, a global multiplayer free-to-play online game in which you can master the seas on the decks of history's greatest warships! Recruit Legendary Commanders, upgrade your vessels, and stake your claim to naval domination alongside and against players from around the world. FREQUENT UPDATES New content in the form of ships, Campaigns, Bureau Projects, events, and more arrive regularly! Each update brings new features to shake. A spotting range of 12 km will not allow cruisers with the Surveillance Radar consumable to detect enemy ships while they themselves remain outside of spotting range. Text and sound notifications for the beginning of a cyclone, as well as for the point of minimum spotting distance during the cyclone, were added. READ also: World of Tanks EU - new XP fever missions. Please note that the. Zum Spotting in WoWs: Klar ist es unrealistisch, dass Schiffe auf ein paar Kilometer Distanz plötzlich nicht mehr sichtbar sind. Aber wäre WoWs realistisch, dann hätte z.B. auch kein Zerstörer. World of Warships Portal; World of Tanks Blitz Portal; World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition Portal; Werkzeuge. Links auf diese Seite; Änderungen an verlinkten Seiten; Spezialseiten; Druckversion; Permanenter Link ; Seiteninformationen; Kategorie:World of Warships. Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche. Unterkategorien. Es werden 4 von insgesamt 4 Unterkategorien in dieser Kategorie angezeigt: C. World of Warships - Update 0.10.0: Commander Skills Update 10 min read. 4 months ago Yuzorah Torpedo Reload Booster, and Rapid Takeoff Spotter consumables, as well as several upgrades. We've updated the interface for carrier armaments in the Port. All squadrons are displayed in the Armament group. Click on a squadron to view its consumables and armaments. The segment split of torpedo.

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World of Warships has a consumables system implemented that allows you to improve a ship's abilities in a given area. Every consumable has a Standard and a Premium version that can be obtained with credits or Gold Doubloons. Premium consumables have a reduced recharge time and have an additional usage. However, they are considered as used. Ohne Crew-Spotting würden World of Tanks und World of Warships nicht funktionieren, das würde ein völliges Redesign der Mechanik erforden. Dass Teamplay kaum gefördert wird, stimmt. Damit tun sich fast alle Team-Shooter schwer. Es gäbe durchaus Möglichkeiten, das zu ändern. Warum das nicht passiert, kann ich nicht beantworten. Welche schwerwiegenden Designfehler gibt es denn noch.

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World of Warships is the next in the line from Wargaming, which also publishes World of Tanks and World of Warplanes. It is an MMO featuring strategic naval battles on a variety of ships. The highly anticipated World of Warships is the latest free, historical online combat game to be added to the Wargaming's catalog. Command a massive naval fleet featuring history's most iconic war vessels. Did you know Lazo can be obtained in the Armory for Allowance Tokens? This Soviet light cruiser has a formidable main battery that comprises twelve 152 mm guns. She also excels at firing over long distances through utilizing her Spotting Aircraft consumable World of Warships: Mogador and Kléber Initial Testing and coming nerf to Kléber 5 min read . 2 years ago Yuzorah . As the French destroyers are slowly approaching (quite ironic since they are some of the fastest ships in the game), the testing of these ships began with the top of the tree. Let's talk about the French tier IX destroyer Mogador and the tier X Kléber. These ships are of. World of Warships Destroyer Tactics Hi all, I thought I would try something a bit different and talk through some of the techniques I have been getting some success with in Destroyers. I thought I would have a little experiment with this as I haven't really done anything like this before. This post is a little later this week as I had to spend a bit of time doing some work to get something.

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World of Warships Supertest: Italian Premium Cruiser Abruzzi Full Stats 3 min read. 3 years ago Harkonnen ?Spotting Aircraft Modification 1?Secondary Battery Modification 2?Hydroacoustic Search Modification 1?Damage Control Party. Permanent Camouflage. Type 10: Decreases the firing accuracy of the enemy, reduces ship detectability and increases the amount of XP earned by the ship and her. In World of Warships ist die New Mexico ein sehr schweres Schlachtschiff mit gigantischer Bewaffnung. Damit ihr mit dem Dickschiff in Wargamings Seeschlachten auch ordentlich Spaß habt, lest ihr. As the gun-ranges get longer, as the ships get get faster, and as more special abilities like air-defense boosts and spotter aircraft become more critical to helping your team, World of Warships. World of Warships: Legends. 19. März um 08:01 ·. ⚓ VI Yukikaze. Known as the Unsinkable Ship or the Miracle Ship, Yukikaze participated in and survived almost every major battle from Midway to Operation Ten-Go. Yukikaze was the only Kagerou-class destroyer to survive World War II While not as saturated as its elder stablemate, World of Warships has certainly been developing its own.. In the Russian fandom the game has already acquired two main nicknames: Шлюпки note (Shlupki, or Lifeboats) note ., which it actually shares with KanColle, and Корюшка (Koryuska or Smelt), due to it being developed by a Saint-Petersburg studio, as the city is.

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READ also: World of Warships leaks DKM Bismarck tier 8 battleship. Difesa AA: 40×1 20,0 mm, 8×2 76,2 mm, 10×2 127,0 mm, 10×4 40,0 mm. Difesa AA a corto raggio: danno continuo al secondo - 652, probabilità di colpire - 70%, zona d'azione 0,1-1,5 km; Difesa AA a medio raggio: numero di esplosioni in una salva - 12, danno all'interno di un'esplosione - 1190, danno continuo al. World of Warships: Legends. April 14 at 4:16 AM ·. ⚓ VII Suzuya. Suzuya was the third Mogami-class cruiser built, armed initially with fifteen 6.1-inch (155 mm) guns and powerful torpedo armament. Suzuya participated in several of the major battles in the Pacific, such as Midway, Philippine Sea, and Leyte.. Slot 3 - Spotting Aircraft. READ also: World of Tanks - Inside the Chieftain's Hatch: Cruiser Mk. II part 1. British battleship Agincourt, tier V. Hit points - 48,400. Plating - 19 mm. Secondary Armament: 10×1 76.0 mm, range - 5.5 km. Maximum HE shell damage - 1,100. Chance to cause fire - 4%. HE initial velocity - 823 m/s 20×1 152.0 mm, range - 5.5 km. Maximum HE shell. Es gibt mit dem Update 0.10.4 eine neue Nation, welche gestern durch Wargaming veröffentlicht wurde! Wir dürfen uns auf 10 Kreuzer der Niederlande freuen. Bitte beachtet, dass diese Informationen vorläufig sind und sich natürlich noch ändern können. Die folgenden erforschbaren niederländischen Kreuzer werden in der kommenden geschlossenen Testphase dem Spiel hinzugefügt: Tier I Van [

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